The Goldilocks Formula

Written By Mark Guo

December 2017

Lose Weight the Sensible Way

On an enchanting day eight years past, and looking like a bloated porcupine in his three year old daughter’s family portrait, the guileless Mark Guo embarked on a reluctant journey of sustained weight loss. He left his comfy home where he spent most of his days eating and sitting, and wandered into the dark forest of yo-yo diets and torturous workouts. Hopelessly lost for several long years, Mark finally found his way to the home of slim waists and tight buttocks, with help from a beautiful, kind-hearted fairy named “common sense”.

Once inside, Mark perfected a formula through extensive trial and error. By thinking differently, he finally turned himself into a trim prince. Before leaving, he promised the good fairy that he would reveal the formula to every guy and gal who yearns to lay out the foundation for a more fulfilling life.

Using the Goldilocks Formula, everyone can:
– Break the spells of the usual diets and exercises.
– Stop chasing fads once and for all.
– Get a complete blueprint for shedding pounds that’s easy to apply; no special food or equipment needed.
– Reach the next level with the many practical tips and hacks given from Mark’s personal experiences.
– Cut through the bloated drivel and information overload.
– Banish that evil flab forever!

Come on in and join the adventure. You’ll laugh (hopefully), you’ll cry (probably not), and you’ll lose weight (DEFINITELY).

Group 73